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The Sunday Sewcial Recap!

What a great live this week! It could of gone either way if I'm honest ;)

I normally create the Sunday project on a Saturday but had such a lovely relaxing day instead, I went through to my sewing room this morning full of enthusiasm......well, my machine had other ideas. It wasn't picking up the bobbin thread AT ALL so after taking it apart and putting it back together again (several times) I was so frustrated I couldn't create what I wanted.

So, I put a post up on my Facebook page asking what you'd like for me to do, and lapped zip cushion backs reigned supreme. So, I created two versions tonight and if you'd like to catch up, the live is available on my facebook page.

I really enjoy our Sunday lives, and I do get an amazing amount of viewers, normally over 200!

Heres a few screenshots of the live :)

Love, Abeygale xx

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