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**Your downlaod contains one version of the pattern, please go to the exclusive group to download other versions**


*Please request to join the FB group where the live events will be happening:


Join Abeygale over four nights as we create the most stunning quilted jacket! 

The workshop starts on Wednesday 29th November at 7pm and continues through Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The Saturday session will begin at 5pm and end at 7pm approximatly. 


We will be creating our quilted panel, cutting our pattern pieces, stitching together, binding, making button holes, attaching buttons the list goes on but come Decemeber you'll have a gorgeous jacket or the tools at your disposal to make one in your own time! How fun!



The pattern has been secured from a pattern designer, each time you purchase I will send them the payment for your pattern. I will provide evidence of this within the group once we are about to start the workshops. The pattern is currently on sale for £3.10 so that has been added onto the £10 workshop fee. I want to make it very clear that I have an agreement in place with the designer and have been authorised to do this, I would never take someones pattern and share it without paying for it.

Quilted Jacket Pattern and Workshop

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