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Secret Santa Stocking Swap!

Heres all the information you need, please read carefully!

Sign up must be completed by 6pm on Sunday 31st October

You have one week to complete the sign up. We will collate the information and have a live draw on Wednesday 3rd November at 7:30pm to get the pairs together. 

You can sign up to a maximum of three swaps.

You must contact your partners yourself and exchange information, we do not do this for you. 


You MUST use the pattern piece provided


You have four weeks to complete and send your Stockings

The stockings MUST all be sent before 1st December, if for any reason you cannot meet this deadline which you did not know before signing up, please contact your exchange partner!!


Post the stockings you receive in the group "Get sewing with Abeygale Share and Chat"

It's fun for the sender to see their makes shared, you must not share your own makes as its a surprise for the recipient. 


Please include a small gift

This time we are doing things a little differently. We are asking you to include a small gift in the stocking. This can be anything! Candy canes, chocolate, small sewing notion the choice is yours! 

(we will not accept submissions from anywhere else)

How many do you want to send?
Thanks for submitting! We have recieved your form.
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