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Hello lovely people, how are you?

Its all go here at Avid Crafts towers, I am prepping for today's live in the exclusive subscribers group. I go live every Wednesday at 7:30pm and its the highlight of my week.

We have such a good giggle all while stitching up something! On the first Wednesday of the month we create our 'Block of the Month' with the aim to create 12 by the end of the year to then our together into a quilt ready for the new year :)

The other loves during the month are all mini projects, or we've tackled a huge quilt exclusively designed by me. The LovEly quilt.

Anyway, I digress. I wanted to show you the most useful pouch I designed for my subscribers gang, that I've now released as a PDF download for everyone. Its available in the shop, for £3.49 but you could sign up as a Facebook subscriber for the same amount, get the pattern for FREE and a months worth of lives and other bonuses. Seems like the most brilliant deal!

Nicola Moffat has created the pouch and as usual her stitching and photography is perfection. I just had to share! I've sent Nicola a £5 amazon voucher as way of thank you for the use of the photos on this blog.


Right, hopefully see you tonight,

Abeygale xx

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What a great live this week! It could of gone either way if I'm honest ;)

I normally create the Sunday project on a Saturday but had such a lovely relaxing day instead, I went through to my sewing room this morning full of enthusiasm......well, my machine had other ideas. It wasn't picking up the bobbin thread AT ALL so after taking it apart and putting it back together again (several times) I was so frustrated I couldn't create what I wanted.

So, I put a post up on my Facebook page asking what you'd like for me to do, and lapped zip cushion backs reigned supreme. So, I created two versions tonight and if you'd like to catch up, the live is available on my facebook page.

I really enjoy our Sunday lives, and I do get an amazing amount of viewers, normally over 200!

Heres a few screenshots of the live :)

Love, Abeygale xx

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One year ago today, Lily and I launched the supporter club over on Facebook. Now called "subscribers" the idea was to have a group where we could give exclusive discounts, and hold a private live event every Wednesday!

From our launch day we were overwhelmed with sign ups, and it was really exciting that we could create a safe group for our lovely gang. We have grown since that day, but still remained quite small.

I think in some ways people can be put off by signing up to something on Facebook, but it couldn't be easier and more safe. If you are thinking of joining, all you have to do is click the 'subscribe' button on my Get Sewing with Abeygale page and enter your payment info. This can be done via Facebook pay, or as an in app purchase.

I went though the list today, that Gemma keeps on top of, and in the year we have had 44 Facebook lives, the majority of which are all individual projects and a few weeks were creating our gorgeous LovEly quilt!

Thank you for joining me in the group, and if you're thinking about it, give it a try! It's only £3.49 a month!

Lots of love, Abeygale xx

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